By Marlene Wallace

Okay, don’t let me preach, but you know the first one!

1.) Take 100% responsibility for managing your career! It really isn’t your boss’ job, is it? And, besides, in a marketplace where people change jobs every two years and organizations every 3 years, that boss you’re impressing may not be there!

2.) Communication with the Boss: Meetings? How Often? Does your boss prefer face-to-face, email, phone? Adapt to his style!

3.) Aim for “early wins” that are important to the boss! Focus on his top 3 priorities and discuss at each meeting. What are his short term needs, medium and long term?

4.) Pursue good marks from those whose opinions your boss respects. Respectfully request a list of 5 key people outside your group that he thinks you need to know to “grow your contribution”. The Business Bibles’ call it “building strategic alliances”.

5.) Your Personal Development: Assuming you are excelling in your current role, ask about special projects, assignments, courses, certifications, and professional organizations you should pursue to …here we go again, “grow your contribution.”

6.) Document Your Successes: Make a 20 minute date with your professional self each week and write down your quantified accomplishments. What was the circumstance, what did you do to improve it, what was the quantified end result? What would happen if you didn’t accomplish it? Train yourself to look at your activities as accomplishments rather than “just my job”. Sure comes in handy when it’s time for a raise, performance review, promotion or that recruiter calls with an exciting opportunity!

Again, if not you, who?