By Marlene Wallace

Pay may get you there but studies have shown that IF the following ranked reasons for staying with a company aren’t there…chances are, you’re probably not going to stay year after year and be engaged, regardless of the pay!

So, ask yourself, “Why do I stay”? What makes me go to work day after day and more importantly, want to go?

  1. Good Communication: Do you feel like you’re an integral part of the organization? Do you feel like you know what’s going on? Do you feel you have a voice and you’re being heard?
  2. Consistency in Message/Behavior from Boss: I speak to about 10 transitioning clients per day and I continually hear this lament: ” My boss is all over the place…. I never know in which direction we’ll be headed today or what’s expected of me.” We realize that some changes in directives may be coming from above your boss, but presenting a consistent message in terms of goals and the mission seems to be a vital part of employees’ well-being.
  3. Opportunity to do Great Work: Are you using your motivated skills? Do you feel good about what you and your company provide? Are you proud to tell strangers at cocktail parties where you work and what you do?
  4. Growth Opportunities /Progression: What’s the next step for you in this organization? Do you have a position internally that you aspire to reach? Do you hunger after your boss’ job and is it within reach in a reasonable time? If you see no place internally that you WANT to go after, may be a sign to a.) have a strategic chat with your boss and/or b.} start exploring options externally.

Here’s a bit of introspective homework: Let’s assume you have two great offers! What are the top 4 reasons you would choose one offer over the other?

Are there any that are NOT on this list? Weigh in…would love to hear from you!