Yes, we’re all aware of the myriad of benefits of “building your brand” on Social Media from the multitude of Marketing/Social Media Gurus out there! …and I say that with the utmost respect, yes, I do, I really do!

As the long time owner of a Career Management firm, we have routinely advised our mid-to-executive level clients on the necessity and benefits of maximizing their LinkedIn profiles as an integral part of their overall Job Search Strategy and provided hands-on assistance in that regard. Posting regularly becomes second nature to them ( we hope!)

Writing articles takes this to a whole new level in terms of establishing them as Subject Matter Experts, gaining awareness and credibility, making connections, etc.;BUT I was quite unprepared to discover how much I personally ENJOYED posting articles!

Here’s what I’ve found: It has helped me crystallize my thoughts , remember what I’ve learned and given me a venue in which to share it!

Career Management is such a growing, ever-changing industry that as I run into different situations with clients, I now find myself automatically formulating an article in my head to share….confidentially, of course!

Is it ego?…Partially, perhaps…certainly have one! All I know is that it’s a fun way to express myself and I appreciate LinkedIn giving us the opportunity to do so!

….and, thanks for reading!